jueves, 8 de octubre de 2009

Guppy Cocktails

Talking about facts in my Guppy experience:

It's hard to find good quality guppies in México.

When you find great ones, they never come with their females...

And so I have always wanted to find moscows, but it seems to be impossible unless you get them from a professional breeder. In one of my visits to the fish markets I found 3 guys like the one in the picture below, I definitely bought them but only one of them made it, so I decided to put it with three females which did not show any color or pattern.

The result was nothing of disappointing!!! :

Some of them showed big blue, purple and green caudals, generally with the green color along their body.

After selecting and crossing the best male with the most colored females I got really beautiful fishes, body size was more stylished, a little smaller and the caudals were huge, bigger than bodies, spectacular!!!

Greets from México,

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